Jirapat Sangvacharakul


About Me

Hello and welcome to my portfolio/blog/webpage!

I am a capable desktop technician and developer with a background in communication and a passion in design and media content.

I've worked in a number of different technology focused fields throughout my career. From 2015-2019, I worked as an AV technician for my university and learned about the industry and troubleshooting physical equipment including speakers, projectors, control processors, and computers.

Starting in 2017, I began a freelance photography/videography business where I work with clients to create content for their needs. I love working with cinematography and colors from both an art and marketing perspective.

In 2018, I began working on my web development skills outside of formal education and worked as a junior full stack developer to create front end UI/UX and backend database infrastructure. This satisfied my desire to work in a field that married ideologies of technology and design.

May of 2021, I took on an internship as a DevOps engineer working with AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud technologies and is my current position.

Life Details

  • Born in California, raised in Kansas, living in Raleigh, North Carolina

  • First-generation Asian American with Thai parents

  • Graduated from NC State University with B.A. in Communication '18 (Conc. Media)

  • Hobbyist musician with some formal training on piano and guitar

  • Living with my beautiful fiancée and dog

  • Oldest of 4 siblings

  • Main interests include:

    • Photography

    • Videography

    • Video & Board Games

    • Technology

    • Social Media & Marketing